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    Over time your property can accumulate a layer of grime that a conventional hosing-down will not solve—that's when a power washing service is a must.
    At Dirt Kings Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing, we have what it takes to revive your property's surfaces. From patio cleaning to driveway and sidewalk cleaning, we make sure it's all spotless.
    Our father and son team has 20 years of experience in the industry. For more information on all of our services in Baltimore, MD including deck staining, contact us today!
Power washing

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Gutter cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

We offer a line of gutter cleaning services to help you ensure your gutters have optimal drainage. A dirty gutter is an ineffective gutter; keep yours free of dirt, grime, and debris with Dirt Kings Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing.

Gutter guards
Gutter Covers

Your gutter's job is to carry water away from your house, but large objects like leaves and branches can clog your gutter and keep it from working effectively. With our gutter covers, you can keep these larger items out of your gutters.

Soft Wash

When your property in Baltimore, MD needs a washing down, but you are worried about the effects of power washing, contact us for our soft wash service. Soft washing is the optimal way to clean surfaces that may be damaged by stronger power or pressure washing.

Pressure wash
Deck Cleaning

At Dirt Kings Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing, we offer a power washing service that helps hose down your decks and patios. Our deck cleaning service will remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

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